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The ACTing Collectively proof of concept project is exploring how well NS communities support the needs of older adults. The project is in partnership with Richmond County, Victoria County, and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.


Adults, 65 years and older, are invited to take part in a one-hour conversation with a trained Assessor.

During the conversation, Assessors will ask participants about:
● their daily life and activities,
● the resources they use, and
● the resources they could use.

After the conversation, individuals will be given a list of local resources related to their needs.
Information from these conversations will be summarized. The summary will be shared with leaders and policymakers in the local communities. The information will help communities identify and plan for local resources and services needed to help adults in Cape Breton age well at home.


If you are interested in being part of this project, please email or call (782) 774-5933 (also see the Contact Us page).

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